Terms and conditions of use


When ordering from Retroreden.dk you are asked to provide various information such as name, location & e-mail. This information is required since we need to know where to ship your order to but also so we can contact you in case of sold out items or other issues.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Retroreden.dk please contact us at shop@retroreden.dk


When you order from Retroreden.dk you can pay through PayPal.


Orders placed at Retroreden.dk will be delivered through Post Danmark to the specified delivery address. In the ordering process you will be able to choose between the delivery methods available for your order.


Retroreden.dk will never sell or in any other way make information about its costumers or visitors available to third parties. There is one exception. In case of criminal acts such as credit card fraud the IP address will be handed over to the authorities.

During your stay at Retroreden.dk there can automatically be gathered various information. This information is anonymous and can not be used to identify you. The information is collected for two reasons, firstly it helps us to continually improve the webshop usability and secondly we can use this data to produce statistics with more for internal use. This information includes but is not necessarily limited to:

• What country the visitor is from
• How the visitor finds our site
• What browser the visitor uses
• Which screen resolution the visitor has
• Which page the visitor enters our site from
• Which page the visitor leaves our site from
• How long the visitor stays on our site
• How many pages the visitor visits